Archgon Style external 4K-UHD reader Blu-ray writer : I bought this after a LOT of research online,

I definitely recommend anyone to buy it. As it says can burn blueray too.

Durable aluminium case does not flex when holding it whilst you close tray. The included storage case is excellent and i haven’t seen one separately like it. The version i bought included both usb 3. It plays cds, dvds and blu-rays with no problem at all, but you will need optional software for this – as a mac user i found “leawo blu-ray player” doesn’t work at all, so i purchased “macgo blu-ray player pro” but not from the app store as it is far cheaper online. When it came to burning software i purchased “roxio toast 16 titanium” again not from the app store – i recommend shopping around for this to get the best price available. I also bought the 3 year warranty on amazon.

Totally happy with the performance and appearance, though i have not yet used it a lot. It is still in the small vanguard of peripheral devices with uscb-c connection which makes it desirable to those who wish to combine playing dvd/bluray with the latest laptops and tablets. I have withheld one star because i travel a lot and spend time in different regions and am looking for region-free playback.

A few issues-noisy,tray sometimes difficult to close but otherwise ok.

  • I bought this after a LOT of research online,
  • Brilliant and well worht the money.
  • Superb build quality in a really nice package.

Archgon Style external 4K-UHD reader Blu-ray writer (reader) USB 3.0 alu silver with neoprene pouch

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  • ✅ Archgon® Style 4K-UHD BD supports the latest Blu Ray Disc BDXL (BD multi-layer) burning technology (up to 128GB of memory) and burning and playing 3D content, as well as playing UHD Blu-Ray. Please ensure that all your software and hardware meet or exceed the high requirements of the software vendors before you want to play Ultra HD Blu-ray movies
  • ✅ The external Blu Ray Player reader reads and the burner describes all CD M-Disc DVD Blu Ray Disc and also reads UHD BD-ROM
  • ✅ Including a download list for freeware / burner software for WIN and MAC (Freeware does not work with movies with copy protection) for Blu-Ray Disc. Only the latest iMac 27 inch with Retina 5K Display Model is suitable for Ultra HD. (As of July 2017) there is no running UHD BD Player software!
  • ✅ Supported by: Win XP Vista 7 8 10, MAC OS 10.5.8 / 10.6X / 10.7.X as well as Sierra or later and Linux 2.4 or later
  • ✅ In a noble high-quality brushed aluminum case with rounded sides in silver

Works perfectly on my mac pro.

The design and body quite matched with the macbook, and once you get the appropriate 3rd parties player/writer, it’ll work fine.

Good quality drive but could not use for 4k discs as software not provided to run them.

Please note that this unit comes without any software for playing movies. If you want to watch, you’ll need to buy some playing software.

I’m very pleased with this device. It just works right out of the box with my latest apple desktop and laptop – and without needing to download any drivers even. A previous samsung model i bought from maplin was not even recognized by my equipment, despite claiming to be macintosh compatible on the box. The archgon drive even arrived in packaging that wasn’t damaged in the least eithergood job amazon.

I’m using this now a while and it is completely compatible with apple computers. The case is solid aluminum and if you buy an additional white usb 3. 0 a male to b micro male cable, it fits totally in the apple design.

This is perfect and does exactly what it says. It also works directly from the box but does not appear in the device list until a disk is inserted. I have found i works best used with a popular dvd-blu-ray player and its accompanying authoring software beginning with c (that’s in case of advertising issues). I only experienced one problem on playback and that was with a harry potter blu-ray which became stuck at several point and had a line of pixelization running down the centre of the screen. Have yet to see if it is the disk or the player but my guess is that there was a tiny scratch on the disk which makes this drive super sensitive. It burns very well and quickly, the only down side is the length of time it takes to make up the files which can be up to two hours but that is not a fault of the drive. I am not sure if the written disks will work on sony machines as they have issues with home made disks but it plays them just as good.

Very quiet & good, but software may not compatible.

============background:============with apple trying to persuade people that optical media is a legacy concept, it is difficult to find bluray writers that work with the mac, at a reasonable price, and more difficult still, to find one that isn’t matt black, and that complements the mac’s aluminium look, so i spent some time, hunting around to find a suitable device. I am only intending on reviewing this product for use with a mac as i have internal bluray devices on my windows based pc’s/laptops. ============packaging:============the drive is supplied in a very “applesque” styled box, this is deliberate i suspect and intended to give you the feeling that the device is a premium product. There are the bare minimum of instructions with the drive, although for most people that will not matter as they will just plug the drive in and work away. ===============build quality:===============the archgon bluray drive is a panasonic uj-260 drive, fitted into a brushed aluminium enclosure. The drive, being a panasonic, is of decent quality and the brushed aluminium enclosure is also of decent quality, being made of 1. It is worth noting the enclosure finish is a brushed aluminium finish rather than the matt, satin aluminium finish of apple’s laptops, so it’s not an exact match. The device is supplied with a decent quality usb-sata cable with twin usb connectors on it for those devices that cannot supply sufficient power to it from one usb port. =======================in operation:=======================the drive is fast and works reliably (so far) and i have no complaints.

Good: solid build quality and it’s fastbad: it does not play every blu-ray disk. Some it won’t play at all (it tries and tries & ultimately fails), a few others it will start and stop part-way through (in the same blu-ray boxset) – i have another blu-ray drive and it plays those disks just fine. The drive also does not like being knocked when playing.

I bought this after a lot of research online, trawling through a lot of conflicting statements. I bought it as it was (at the time of purchase) one of only 3 drives that could play 4k discs that have the drm on them. To summarise the research, to get 4k on a pc you need:a 4k screen that is compliant with the drm. A later generation display port cable or hdmi leada graphics card from a short list that can handle the drma processor from an even shorter list that can handle the drman optical drive that can handle the drm (at time of purchase there were three models which had to be imported from japan or germany). If any of these components is not up to scratch, you will not be able to play the discs you bought. Then you have to install software through the bios that will lock out part of your computer just for running the resource hungry drm. At this point, i decided not to cripple my computer as a punishment for trying to watch films legally. My 4k films are now in storage awaiting another method to watch them. Ironically, for that you need a bdxl drive that is not compatible with the drm to rip the discs, so i will invest when i have the money. I gave this 3 stars as it does do what it says, but leaves a wide gulf of information out that you will need to get it working properly.

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Archgon Style external 4K-UHD reader Blu-ray writer (reader) USB 3.0 alu silver with neoprene pouch
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