Panasonic DMP-BDT280EB Smart 3D 4K Upscaling ICOS Multi Region All Zone Code Free Blu-ray Player : Does what it says, works well, a bit expensive.

This little beauty is the business. It does exactly what its supposed to. Plays all region blu rays and all region dvds. It was also delivered super fast. It is really small but delivers big. I would recommend this seller to any one who is looking for a multi region blu ray player. It comes with full instructions too.

This is a great blu-ray player i bought a film from america it wouldn’t play on my ps4 as it was region a so i bought this player & it works & you can use any region & it was super fast delivery & anyone that wants a blu-ray player that does any region then this is the one for you.

Took a while to arrive but seems easy to set up. Disappointed no hdmi lead but at least they told me when i asked the question. Time will tell but initial impressions are good.

Only had this a day i think its great very light and compact plays dvds brillianty yet to play a blu ray but would highly recommend it was easy to set up straight out of box i would buy again.

  • Multi-region blu-ray player at the touch of a button
  • Effective multi-region Blu-ray 3D solution
  • great blu-ray player & worth the money too as what you read is what you get

Panasonic DMP-BDT280EB Smart 3D 4K Upscaling ICOS Multi Region All Zone Code Free Blu-ray Player. Blu-ray zones A, B and C, DVD regions 1-8. YouTube, Netflix etc. HDMI output. HDD Playback

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  • Blu-ray Zones A, B and C – DVDs Regions 1 – 8
  • 3D (2D to 3D Conversion) plus 4K Upscaling
  • Wi-Fi Built in
  • External HDD playback
  • Smart Functions inc. YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter etc

It does everything that i want from it multi region dvd (automatically selected). Blu-ray multi region via remote (with no disc inserted) 1-a. 2d & 3d blu-rays zone a & b are ones that i have. It does connect to the internet for things like netflix via a dedicated button on the remote. But you can only connect to the internet if you connect the machine to a router via an lan cable, it has no wireless connection (i kid you not). Firmware updates can be done via downloading and storing on a usb device. This is why i have only given this unit only 4 stars.

Having wanted an all region player for dvds and blu-ray discs for some time, and having hesitated to spend the extra money to get that feature, we are pleased to say that this modified (as they all are – even the oppo) player works very well indeed, and is very easy to use. The only surprise that we have noticed – which has nothing to do with the modification is that for whatever reason, some region a discs simply do not play. Since other ones play with no problem, it can not be the player. An example: the british film ‘croupier. We even tried a second copy of this film, with no better luck. In loading both copies, we found that the player was trying very hard to play them – but for whatever reason it could not. Therefore, we can only assume that there is some problem with the disc itself. Aside from that disappointment,we consider this player flawless, and of good quality. The vendor is providing a good product at a reasonable price.

Pleased with this purchase, am now able to play all my american and foreign films.

This very well reviewed player replaced a sony which had a fabulous picture but was simply too noisy and juddery. It’s much quieter and more stable but unfortunately the colour on uk bluray playback is quite faded and grey. On us and japanese blurays it’s fine, so i’m baffled. We’ve pushed the settings as far as they go and it helps, but it doesn’t give us pictures that pop and contrast well. On very dark scenes – bits of thor: the dark world for example – it dims out a lot of detail. We’ve always had great results from panasonic before and this is disappointing.

Really good bd player, but i returned for switch by a wifi model same brand.

Love it i can now watch us blu rays which is what i wanted thank you.

Fantastic can watch my american dvds now,it does everything i need it to very happy with it so far.

This multi-region all-zone blu-ray player from panasonic is neat, compact and lightweight and about one third of the footprint and weight of the first generation players launched onto the market just 10 years ago. The supplier’s sales invoice lists the price of the actual blu-ray player as £69, and an additional £100 for the “multiregion icos digital universal modification”, so this special multi-region feature is predominantly what you’re paying for. Swapping between blu-ray regions is easy: just make sure no disk is in the machine, then press a button on the remote and any disk formatted for the newly selected region will play when inserted. There is no limit to the number of times you can swap between regions. The machine automatically swaps between dvd regions so no operation is necessary to specify changes. The set-up menu also allows wireless connection and streaming directly from the web, plus a number of other arcane functions. All in all, this is a great little player with its multi-region blu-ray usp the star of the show.

Perfect machine, the sellers dispatched it immediately after order and from order to delivery was just over 24 hours. Works straight out of the box. Was able to watch region a blu-ray which are region locked. No fuss, no need for awkward setting up. Really happy with this player and would recommend both machine and seller to anyone. Will be happy to give my custom to this seller in the future.

I needed a region-free blu-ray 3d player and this is great, it does exactly what i wanted it to. I had read other reviews and they were mixed – one suggested there were problems if you wanted to link to your surround sound amplifier. I had no such problem – just connected this player to the power and used an inexpensive cable to connect it to a spare hdmi socket on the tv and i was away. It plays american (region a) disks perfectly and without any adjustment on my part the sound came through my surround system (automatically via the tv i guess). Great result and i’m very pleased. Now i can play any blu-ray disk.

Does what it says on the tin, great.

Very good bluray player, plays my shout factory halloween blurays that are region a so i’m very happy, comes with a nice little remote, the bluray player is small and light which is also brilliant.

Even though it is fantastic for blu rays i tried using a region 1 dvd in it and the device refuses to perform them. So despite what amazon suggests this is not a multi region participant when it will come to dvds.

Ordered for all regions, and outstanding controls with modern complete.

The machine was shipped immediately and labored out of the box. I are unable to remark on its 3d qualities since we never have a 3d television. Every thing is reasonable and childsplay to run. All the dvd’s of all the region code that i have attempted have played with no any adjustment currently being vital flawlessly and with a a lot far better photo than out trusty, but now redundant dvd player. My american blu ray discs enjoy flawlessly. To change bluray region basically open up the disc tray press one on the remote and place the disc in. The change stays present until you alter it again. If you have other panasonic products (we have a video clip and a hdd recorder/dvd burner) you can transform the channel of the distant so the completely wrong equipment will not commences up or respond to the completely wrong remote. The course of action is quite basic and is in the on display options webpage, but is subtly various to the system for the video clip and hdd burner which led me to imagine i had locked myself out of the bluray player.

Superb participant with excellent photo.

A little bit noisy, but otherwise fantastic.

My next 380 & does a superior image much too – continue to to try out the multi zone capability.

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Panasonic DMP-BDT280EB Smart 3D 4K Upscaling ICOS Multi Region All Zone Code Free Blu-ray Player. Blu-ray zones A, B and C, DVD regions 1-8. YouTube, Netflix etc. HDMI output. HDD Playback
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