Panasonic DMR-BS780EBK 250GB HDD Blu-Ray Recorder : 250GB HDD Blu-Ray

Bought this for the same reason many people will have done – i have a satellite dish but can no longer afford sky+ or sky hd. Looking at the feature list, the dmr-bs780ebk is a fantastic product, brimming with features, and it seems the obvious choice of the available freesat boxes – hey, it even has a blu-ray recorder – fantastic. The problem with the dmr-bs780ebk is that it’s not straightforward and enjoyable to use. Everything takes a few seconds longer, and a few more button presses, than it should. Take, for instance, the pause live tv feature: press pause – the screen goes black for a second or so, and the unit noticably labours its way into live pause mode, taking around 5 seconds before it will respond to your next command. Compare this to sky+, which is instantaneous. Then you try to return to live tv – press stop, it labours again, then asks if you’re sure(), then around 5 seconds and another black screen later, you’re finally back at the live picture. On sky+, you just press sky and you’re straight there in an instant. These may seem like very minor quibbles, and in a way they are – it’s still a very capable piece of kit – but every single function takes a few seconds too long. The tv guide is sluggish, the various function menus take a couple of seconds to appear, etc etc – in short, it’s very frustrating to use. It’s a shame to write such a negative review of such a capable piece of equipment, but the honest truth is that compared to much cheaper boxes, this fails to be user-friendly because panasonic have cut corners in the wrong places in order to cram features in at a reasonable price. If like me, you’re moving from sky+ or sky hd to freesat and you’re used to a pvr that’s user-friendly and responsive, you can’t fail to be disappointed with this.

The unit arrived quickly from amazon. I was surprised how much smaller it was than a previous freeview recorder that i had purchased. I was a little nervous to start with having read some poor reports on this unit. Things like slow menu response, freezing between options, etc. So far, i have been impressed with the overall performance. It is true that it is not the quickest when moving between some menu options but bearing in mind the internal complexity of the machine i think that the performance is great. Let us hope that the reliability is as good as my other panasonic which (touch wood) has never let me down. Hope that this helps any would be buyers, assuming that you can still get hold of one as i am told that they are being discontinued.

This has to be by far the best device for recording and backing up to dvd or blu-ray, i hate my stuff being trapped on a hdd, and there’s many programmes movies etc that i want to back, just returned a humax foxsat-hdr, which was rubbish (supposed to be able to archive to and from usb, but not one device works, stay clear of humax)this panasonic does everything the humax doesn’t and morebbc iplayer, youtube etc.

We are very pleased with this product. Stunning picture when used with our new panasonic plasma television. Has advantage of only needing one remote control. Perfect graphics on unit when in useno complaints—and still learning.

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  • Panasonic DMR-BS780EBK 250GB HDD Blu-Ray

Panasonic DMR-BS780EBK 250GB HDD Blu-Ray Recorder with Twin Freesat HD Tuners

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  • HD Blu-ray recorder with HD quality 35-hour long time archiving in (HM mode)
  • Twin HD satellite tuner compatible with Freesat+
  • Stunning recording and playback picture quality
  • Easy and convenient operation– pause and rewind live TV
  • Enjoy recorded content in a separate room with DLNA

Bought to replace my twin-tuner free-view hdd recorder and analogue tv hdd/dvd recorder, it didn’t quite work as i had hoped as i wrongly thought that i could feed both tuners from a single feed. Many reviewers of my original post were quick to point out my ignorance. For the benefit of anyone else who knows as little as i did, to use this equipment fully you will need a multiple-output lnb on your dish and feed two cables from this to the two satellite inputs. With just one connection you will not be able to record one channel whilst viewing another. Picture quality is excellent (with a good satellite signal and into an hd tv via hdmi) and recording easy to set up. Response to the remote controller is slow though. It can take a couple of seconds to respond to a button press. Start-up and shut-down is also slow. I have connected the ethernet port to an adsl router (10-12mbps) and bbc iplayer works well (selected by the ‘on demand’ entry in the program guide). A 90 minute programme played without pauses and reproduction was nearly as good as a live broadcast.

I bought this to replace a freesat box and bluray player and to be able to record/pause live tv. Installing was a breeze and now only need a single hdmi cable to the tv; so much neater solution. The picture quality is brilliant with even normal tv pictures being almost of the same quality as hd ones. Recording stored programmes to a bluray disc is a breeze. I connected it to the internet and it then gave me the bbc iplayer, full screen, with picture quality nearly as good as the original broadcast. I originally played a bluray dvd with distorted colours. The next day the firmware had been updated and the disc played in full bluray quality. Would have been 5 stars, but it takes a while to get to use the remote control to its full potential (having to look up the manual for each new function). As you use the functions, the easier it is to remember the correct buttons to press. It has some internet content; this works well, but there is little content available.

This is incredibly simple to set up. Just plug in and it guides you throuh the rest. Recording is as simple as pressing a button. The tv guide is 7 day and series link is available. By default it also automatically records up to 2 hours of live tv on the viewing channel so you can rewind live tv without any of the minute or so waiting time. Digital rights copyrighting is apparent on the hd stations. This means that you are either denied burning rights for premier hd content (tend only to apply to recent released films) or burn once option. So for example, if you record a film you can only burn it once to a blu ray disk which is then not copyable, or as many times as you like to a standard definition dvd. There is a child lock system which can protect some of the films from being viewed by children with the use of a pin number. This is a bit confusing to set up but worth the effort.

Works very well dose the job its designed for.

Bought this dmr-bs780 to replace sky hd. I am not in anyway disappointed with the machine. Regarding the price, phew am i glad i did not go to the high street shops and pay their price.

Easy to use, easy to set up and brilliant picture. I have a panasonic freesat tv so they link together well. I actually arranged for 3 cables from my dish so i am able to record 2 programmes on hd and also watch hd at the same time.

I think panasonic recorders (hdd, dvd, blue ray etc) are about the best in terms of functionality and performance. Longevity too (i still have my first dmr hdd/dvd recorder, one of the first on the market which cost twice the price and had half the features of today’s models). This does what it promises to do and is a pretty spectacular piece of equipment but there is one snag. When it comes to connecting to your home network and the internet there is no wireless way of doing so. You need a lan cable permanently attached to your router if you want access to the selected online features, (twitter, youtube and the like). Come on panasonic, it is 2011 after all.

The unit records and plays dvds superbly. The program guide is better/clearer than that on the panasonic tv which i own. The unit may seem a tad slow to start up. Closing down it switches back to the tv instantly so there is no delay while it sorts itself out. The connectivity to various inputs memory stick, dvd, dish and hdmi a real bonus. Warning you will need 2 freesat inputs to the recorder to be able to record 2 channels at the same time. Most dish installers run in 3 one for the tv freesat box 2 for the recorder.

Excellent producti found it very easy to set up and usea couple of little gripes are the viera view is a bit of a waste of time as it does not have enough channelsthe dnla part of the unit will only act as a server not client available so you can’t stream video from other dlna servers. You can only attach a 120gb usb drive.

This recorder has been used now for the past month, in general, i am very pleased with it. The only negatives are the menus ate quite slow. Also when recording via dvdr, this can only be done in real time node as opposed to high speed dubbing.

It will record 1hr of standard definition on the hard drive, to a dvd-r 4. 7 gb 16x disc in 9 mins but not on any other type (including blu-ray)everything else unless hd will take the same time it took to record itthe picture quality is excellent, but the epg is inferior to the humax hd twin free-view for many reasons but if you have nothad a humax then you won’t know the diff. . So i use it for copying not watching tv. So its a good product for what i wanted it for, anyway dvd will soon be like vhs cassettes, so get with the program.

This is a great piece of kit. It installed easily – no problems were met. I have tried the various recording options except recording onto a blue-ray disc. I find it intuitive to use and has caused me no problems – perhaps i have not tried hard enough to find them.

I acquired this largely to make a copy of recordings from a panosonic hdc-sd10 large definition flash memory camcorder. It is straightforward to transfer recording by way of the hdmi website link from the camera. Alternatively, it is also possible to edit them applying the computer software hd writer ae one. five delivered with the camcorder on a computer and later on transfer them to a blu-ray dvd applying the usb slot. The recorder also performs back divx significant definition videos from an usb adhere with seamless great top quality output. Like me, if you currently have sky, you could break up the sign from sky dish employing a konig satellite f-splitter and feed it to the dvd recorder free of charge-sat enter and it functions. Now you can record two channels from sky and a single from no cost sat and observe a different channel.

Great prospects but instruction handbook pretty challenging to understand specially when recording two programmes at the exact time. Unable to check out a different programme without having stopping the timer.

This blu-ray recorder is an fantastic piece of package with nearly limitless flexibility. Due to the fact it has twin freesat tuners, both equally satellite inputs are needed for it to get the job done accurately and patience is required with several capabilities. It takes time to duplicate recorded packages to blu-ray and dvd discs with the edit, change, format, copy and finalise functions but it does every thing i hoped for, so ten/ten for the components. Nevertheless, the running guidelines are a standard piece of fragmented specialized writing and can be quite deceptive. A amount of bookmarks are necessary to continuously refer to various sections of the booklet for all but the most essential operations and time and experimentation is required – with success and failure in equal evaluate. I am certain that lots of of the issues posted by house owners – leading them to believe that they have a defective device, are down to this and much more cohesive instruction would type this out.

This is a gorgeous piece of technological innovation, with recording in blu ray staying the zenith of modern day engineering. Indeed, the photograph excellent is out of this planet, definitely mind blowing and this is also reflected in the audio reproduction. Not only that but it has a twin freesat-tuner which allows you to report from freesat straight to its inner hdd. You could also check out one programme even though recording yet another.This is potentially the only recorder i could safely simply call ‘future-proof’. A have to have piece of ingenuity which is the pretty ideal panasonic has to offer you.

When i purchased this freesat recorder it was to substitute a earlier freesat receiver that was a bit temperamental and wasn’t genuinely established up to document programmes. I can’t quite imagine how a lot much easier the panasonic has built daily life. Not only has it designed recording as quick as the best freeview recorders but it does everything a sky+ box will do without having the membership. The additional advantage which i took a little bit of a possibility on as it just about never ever receives considerably interest in testimonials is the picture quality by way of its twin tuners. Hd channels are outstandingly great but even sd pictures on all but the worst good quality relays are similar with hd. A lot to understand and a large instruction booklet but to be trustworthy extremely straightforward to study, at least the features a person utilizes all the time. The only criticism is the time lag in responses to some instructions but on the other hand the pace to archive to blu-ray discs and to delete no-longer essential titles on the tough disk is really spectacular. To say i’m seriously happy with our new acquisition is an understatement and really pleasantly surprised by just how well it performs and how a lot panasonic has packed in to make it as person welcoming as achievable. If you are considering a similar purchase of this or the comparable model with even far more memory on-board then this is a really harmless wager.

Arrived the really following day even though i was advised it would get two months. Fantastic merchandise provided with astonishing speed.

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