Samsung BD-C6800 3D Blu-ray Player : BluRay Player

We have an all samsung install in several rooms using wifi. It works seemlessly and set up is very simple.

Many years on and this is still going.

This product was a breeze to set up, working with out samsung tv through anynet+ easily. It plays 3d bluray discs, dvds, mp3 discs etc as it should, nice touch controls. The internet is application based, but not as comprehensive as the tv and felt like a waste of the feature. Connection to pc for media player functionality was easy once the samsung software downloaded – i don’t use the software as dlna works, but didn’t hold connection before the software install. In hindsite i wouldn’t have bothered with this bd player as the ps3 can do everything it can and more – better browser, better games (as it should be). – only if you don’t want a games console. Otherwise, get a ps3 instead.

It fulfilled my expectations and linked up with my existing set-up without problems. The wifi link to apple imac worked first time via airport. The not included hdmi cable cost 28 euro locally. Amazon delivery service to the netherlands was faultless.

  • Gotta Love Samsung!
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • Promises more than it delivers

Samsung BD-C6800 3D Blu-ray Player with Built in Wifi Internet TV Allshare

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  • Built-in Wi-Fi

I have a samsung tv, and it will switch it over to the correct input, and they switch off together etc. It was fairly straight forward to set up the wifi, and this has worked reliably. Search for you-tube clips is a little cumbersome without a real keyboard, but it works and the quality of the clips somehow seems better than when viewed on a pc. No idea why – maybe they benefit from the upscaling. 3d works without any hiccups, and i haven’t really used facebook or the browser on it yet.

(updated 13th september 2011)this 3d blu-ray disc player with wifi has been widely promoted on other sites as having iplayer access through samsung’s [email protected] feature. The name is misleading – [email protected] allows you access to a selected set of applications that does not include a browser, and the youtube viewer app is dismal, with no support for hd. Vimeo hd channel is well rendered. After months of waiting, iplayer is finally available and great quality when it works, but the fast-forward and reverse and skip buttons have no effect – iplayer says it’s playing 2x, or 4x, or 8x, but goes its own sweet way at 1x. There’s no way to skip 50 minutes of formula 1 chat and get to the excellently-rendered hd (when available) action. One good feature not mentioned above – 7. 1 analogue audio outputs on phono (rca) sockets allowing you to connect your older audio system if you don’t have a digital audio set-up. A network socket is also available, if you don’t want to trust to wifi.

Simple to install and connect to your home wifi network. Pic quality excellent and the 3d works just great. Also able to use iphone app from samsung to be swishexcellent product, highly recommend this model with build in wifi (samsung sell a wifi dongle for about £40) so factor this in if you buy a non wifi modelsamsung bd-c6800 3d blu-ray player with built in wifi internet tv allshare.

Does what i need still working.