Samsung UBD-K8500/EN 3D Curved Blu-ray Player : Stunning value – if you have a 4K TV get this player

Would just like to give you a brief insight in to this 4k blu-ray player. Now for me the picture quality is just awesome, but apart of me thinks when will it ever stop?. Ie there is all ready a new tv that’s better than the 4k tv’s (hdr 4k tv’s). Now i don’t know about you but how annoying that they finely release films on 4k format, but hay for all us people who paid loads of cash to watch netflicks or any kind of 4k on the internet, to be then told there is something better. To tell you the truth this is where it ends for me. Now i have few small negatives about this player no 1. The shape is not the best and the reason why is because its curved, so if your 4k tv isn’t cured then it looks out of place, for me a neutral shape would of been betterno 2. The remote control has to be the smallest i have ever seen, so good luck if you lose it all the time, i mean i have lost it loads, plus its hard to fast forward with out skipping scenes. But i cant complain about the picture quality it is just stunning and the upscaling of your blu-rays and dvd’s. Look very nice and the best i have ever seen.

Samsung ubd-k8500/enfirst i must praise the fantastic delivery effort by the seller, mtcstore on behalf of euronics. The player was delivered in less than 20 hours from the placement of the orderthese first impressions of the player are given to help those who might be dissuaded from buying by earlier negative reviews. The player is physically neat, elegant & well constructed. The remote control is small but is again well constructed and feels nice in the hand (it is not cheap & nasty). It can also be re-programmed to control a large number of other manufacturer’s televisions. The player comes without a hdmi cable as others have commented on (but amazon can supply their branded cable for a few pounds) while 3 x 4k blu-ray discs are included, equivalent to about £60 if purchased separately. The picture quality viewed on an lg oled55e6v is definitely superior to the equivalent 2d blu-ray disc upscaled to 4k on an oppo bdp103d 3d darbee edition blu ray player.

This represents very good value at the current price of £219 and it includes 3 (yes 3) 4k blu-ray disks (the martian, independence day the sequel and the revanant). The 4k visuals are outstanding played though a samsung 48″ uhd tv. The set up is easy and tweaks are to be found on youtube. The sound delivered by tosslink optical out or hdmi to my sound bar is also excellent. The player is wifi enabled and plays 3d blu-rays also. Whist to only competition in the market place is the panasonic player that is almost £250 more expensive. The unit feels solid and well made and the slight front curve is not that noticeable. The remote is a little small and is not illuminated.

  • The machine is excellent- Samsung customer service isn’t- one of
  • Hi end Smart Blu Ray Player
  • Good UHD player at this price, including 3 UHD movies

Samsung UBD-K8500/EN 3D Curved Blu-ray Player (UltraHD, WLAN, Smart TV, Multiroom) black

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This came today and i am over the moon with how good this is. The design is sleek and stylish with brilliant sensitivity to touch and movement from the remote. The films look incredible on this especially 4k movies it also does a good job of upgrading movies to near 4k quality blue-rays and dvds. This is literally the best thing ever.

Very nice picture great works we’ll.

The best picture i have seen on my 55 samsung suhd tv by a light year. The audio this player delivers is again the best i have heard yet through my pioneer sc2024 7. It looks the dogs b#####s in my set up nestled nicely between ps4 and xbone. The upscaling is top notch blu rays have never looked as good, and dvd’s as well. Setting up is dead simple it almost does itself, i only needed to turn on uhd colour on my tv and it was done. It’s also worth a mention that the loading times on blu rays and dvd’s are very fast on this player. The apps and streaming features are also very good all the essential apps are there, but let’s be honest this machine is for the uhd blu rays 4k streaming is just a nice bonus. The bottom line is if you have a decent uhd tv then buy this player to see why you bought the tv in the first place, you won’t be disappointed.

Set up was easy as it instantly recognised and integrated with my existing samsung tv and sound bar. Simple to operate and excellent picture quality what’s more my cd collection sounds great linked to my soundbar and or samsung r5 360 speaker. This is a multi functional multi talented high end blu ray player which integrates seemlessly with other smart samsung audio visual products.

Top player especially for the money.

This is samsung’s first ultra high definition (4k) blueray player on the uk market. It is a good looking machine,curved to match their curved tv range, one of which i happen to own. It is not aesthetics which was the basis of choice by any means though. Having purchased two of samsung’s other blueray players,(bdh6500,and bdj7500) both 4k upscalers, and finding them demonstratably superior to the competition, this machine naturally held my interest. The original price, (in excess of £400) was prohibitive,and,as is common with items like these,waited for a price drop. The performance is exceptionally good. Obviously you need a 4k tv, and uhd blureray discs to get the full benefits, but the samsung upscales everything you throw at it,with at times remarkable results. Pictures on uhd blueray are superb, but those off standard blueray can get surprisingly close,so those,like me who intended to eventually acquire one of these machines when more discs were available,and the prices drop,have actually benefitted from the extra quality provided. Added bonuses are the fact that netflix and amazon video streaming are upscaled to as near 4k as possible and the picture quality is often brilliant. It is also outstanding with bog standard dvds.

Excellent service arrived as stated all good.

Very good nice price amazing picture.

The product is absolutely amazing with perfect crisp picture, but there is one drawback. Not only is the remote tiny, but it’s very plasticity. There’s no fast forward or rewind option, just a chapter skipper. If three remote was better, i would have given it five stars.

This player is brilliant, i have waited a year and a half to get one of these to fully appreciate the video quality my uhd tv is capable of, and this player does not disappoint. The quality of the uhd blu rays are brilliant, and the upscaling capabilities are superb, blu rays have never looked so good. The audio on this model is, like the upscaling, superb. It far surpasses any blu ray player i’ve ever had. This player also plays dvds and cds, it can play media via usb or wirelessly, the latter i haven’t tried yet. It also has plenty of apps to download and use, anyone with a samsung tv will no doubt already have them with the tv, netflix is installed by default. So this is the best player i’ve ever had and i can’t recommend it more.

This first samsung 4k ultra hdr10 blu ray player, now available at a pretty reasonable price if you shop around at the time of writing, is surprisingly good. It’s only rival (panasonic) model in the uk at present is way more expensive and really only offers more to true audiophiles. The samsung player is black, measures ca. 40cm wide, 23cm broad and a mere 45mm high – easy to fit into a very narrow shelf if required. It has a curved front but don’t get hung up on that – the curve is very slight. The disc tray is sited to the front left-hand side. There is a usb connection on the front. Two hdmi, an ethernet and a digital optical connection are on the rear. The remote is unusually small and simple; powered by a 3v flat lithium battery. The interface loads very quickly and follows samsung’s recent penchant for making everything simple to use and user friendly.

The machine is excellent- samsung customer service isn’t- one of the promised discs was not in box. So i rang samsung as per their instruction leaflet. Lengthy call during which they took loads of info from me. E-mail etc and promised disc would be sent. Three months later still no disc.

A excellent all spherical box,quite quick.

Are not able to fault it effectively joyful with obtain 5 star.

Every little thing it was meant to be.

Great k4 player pleased the 4k photograph.

Ive just purchased a new tv 4k hdr to choose entire edge of this player, my old 4ktv even now played the 4k movies but held coming up with a concept about not been related to an hdr tv for whole knowledge. Plays them without hdr in 4k but resolved i want it all and upgraded to xd93 65inch sony 4k hdr.

Outstanding, goes with my tv perfectly & looks good too.

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