Sony BDP-S570B 3D Blu-ray Player : Another Gem

This is a great blu ray player which is extremely simple to set up as a player and also very simple to connect to the wirless internet via a router. Product quality is very good, although feels light to hold when compared to previous dvd players. Operation is straight forward and selecting bbci, 5 live and youtube etc has been excellent. The other “sony” channels are nothing great and are very u. I am not sure if this will change in the future if sony can sign up any other channel providers. Delivery was quicker than predicted by amazon.

This review is not going to be comprehensive and go into all kinds of technical stuff. Suffice to say that this blu ray player exceeded expectations in all departments. The picture from dvd’s and blu rays is outstanding. People talk about delays in load times for some players, doesn’t exist with this model. Net connectivity is also a very useful feature, you tube, bbc iplayer etc are all there. Looking for a blu ray player, look no further.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago to replace a sharp aquos model that had recently thrown in the towel. Really impressive player: picture quality is excellent – i’ve got it connected up to a sony str-dh810 receiver (also from amazon) and a bravia 40″ tv i bought a couple of years ago. Matching kit means fewer remotes :-)given that the sharp i had didn’t do much (other than *eventually* play a film), this has been an eye-opener. Bbc iplayer, lovefilm, youtube. (there are more) are all nice little gizmos that add value to an already well-priced piece of hardware. For the price, it’s hard to beat – particularly if you’re after a certain brand to match in with what you already have. The only *slight* downside to this player is that – whilst it’s advertised as. Mkv etc compatible, these formats will only work from a usb stick (or, i assume usb hard drive) rather than from a network source, so streaming to it from a pc requires some other approach (i’m about to test isedora for this). If it did this out of the box, it’d be perfect as i’m currently streaming via the xbox 360, and that’s a little behind the times for this.

Arrived within 18 hours of ordering so thank you amazonthe sony bdp-s570b is an amazing bit of kit, appearance and build wise it’s about as slimline as this type of device can get and looks remarkably sleek, the whole build and style oozes quality. The remote is a nice size and comfortable to hold and also bravia-sync compatible meaning that it can control all your compatible sony bravia products. When running it’s completely inaudible, cd, dvd & blu-ray play back with no noticeable noise from the player. Image quality is stunning, and the dvd up-scaling in particular is far beyond what i’ve seen on other brand products. Devices such as flash drives, cameras and mp3/4 players are detected with no problems when connected to the usb port and all media i’ve thrown at it has been handled as expected, photo slide-shows straight from the camera look amazing with no real transition lag other than maybe half a second loading time (based on 12mp images, and full-hd video clips). The built-in wireless is a great feature, range is superb with it getting 100% signal strength connecting to a router two rooms away, and once connected iplayer (including hd content), youtube, lovefilm and all the other web & network based services run perfectly with zero-lag (tested with 02 wireless box iii). The box’s firmware can also be upgraded once connected and again this worked perfectly first time. The menus are intuitive and extremely east to navigate, with options and services grouped in a very logical manner, within a few minutes both myself, my wife and my 10 year old daughter where quite comfortable with where to find everything. In summary you seriously won’t regret buying this, top of it’s class and way ahead of the competition i have absolutely no hesitation in giving it five stars.

  • No Blues just hooRAYs.
  • Fantastic all-rounder
  • Good picture and sound quality – some setup items could be clearer

Sony BDP-S570B 3D Blu-ray Player

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Hey alli don’t normally write reviews but im very very impressed with this dvd player, im a bit worried that the unit felt a little plastic but i have not let that put me off , has any one else who has this ?. Could they comment if there front to the drive bay is quite loose when open ?. Wanted to know if this is normal. Ok when first booting this up very simple set up and connecting to the wifi was easy, blueray looks fantastic and normal dvds look perfect as wellmy only negative point is the menu system is a little busy and what’s the word ?. An other cool thing has this is gone up in price since i got it :salso note to people who said bbc iplayer was a issue. Looks like they have fixed it now works all the time :-). May have been a bbc update or a sony update but either way it now works :-)cheers all :-).

Works as well as it always has; would be cool if the software / firmware were updated more often – i think it has been forgotten about.

Overall i am very pleased with it – lots of custom options and good balance of colour but i have found with one particular disc (predators) that it either crashes or creates a loud noise while it is playing although there is no observable damage to the disc. This is just with that one disc but everything else plays fine. I like the main unit but i feel that more effort could have been made with the control unit which looks and feels cheap and plasticky but overall this should not deter anyone from buying it at all – it bears all the usual high quality trademarks of a sony product – function over looks and is a very good player.

Very good sound and picture quality. Does exactly what it says on the tin. What more could you want for?. Can even play mp3’s and videos wirelessly from my laptop via my sony 5. 1 tuner amplifier so very happy.

The sony bdp-s570 blu-ray disc player gives good picture and sound quality. It has been useful to be able to play back mp3 music files from a usb2 memory stick inserted into the socket conveniently positioned at the front. The wireless facility setup initially proved troublesome. I use a talktalk huawei echolife hg520b wireless router and the password has uppercase characters. When setting up the wireless connection using the blu-ray remote and on-screen display, there seemed to be no way of typing in other than lower case characters. I had a comment from a reviewer ‘james’ – many thanks. “you can select the uppercase characters by moving the cursor to ‘123’ on the bottom right and click the middle button to select other character choices. ” by moving the cursor to under the enter button on screen and selecting it, you get access to other characters. But why so hidden, and why nothing in the manual?the next problem was that it would stop every half minute for buffering. There seemed to be no obvious display allowing choice of a lower quality i-player picture which would prevent this.

Excellent service from amazon. Amazing product – far exceeded expectations. The dlna client works well with my nas. Sony could do better with the internet sites accessed as standard but overall it’s very good value for money. Doesn’t find all the sound files and folders on the nas. From looking at web sites it seems this is a common complaint.

I searched around for a while before deciding on this player. I wanted something that was wireless without having to buy a dongle which can be half as much as the player again. Unfortunately i bought a used one to start with which didnt work with love film (one of the main reasons i got it) as it had already been registered. After calling love film and sony i decided to send it back and get a new one. The film quality is excellent and the player does everything it says on the box. Ive had it 4 months now and it works perfectly every time. A really solid buy and ive even tried 3d which is also great. As mentioned somewhere else, the bd is better than the ps3 player. Ive also stuck a usb in the front and started playing movies right away. If you want wireless, the ability to play bd and 3d then you cant go wrong with this player.

I took a long time choosing which blu-ray player to purchaser. After much comparing and going through specs it was a tiw between this sony and an lg with similar specs. This sony won due to built in 3d technology and the internet tv options. I am very impressed with this unit. The playback of blu-rays is excellent, but the dvd playback is also superb. The dvd playback is sooooooooo good its almost as good as blu-ray. Finally, the sound is truly bombastic . In one word excellent the price is also very cheap for what you get. Basically, this is a high end spec unit with a mid range price, and even cheaper on amazon.

With a failing dvd player i needed something to replace it. Looked at various reviews and thought i would try a blu-ray, as the extra cost over a best buy dvd player was minimal. A good discount on amazon and the built-in wi-fi led to me trying the sony bd570. Set up was easier than expected and the ability to play bbc iplayer and lovefilm movies (i already have a monthly subscription )through the tv rather than on the pc makes it a great buy.

We don’t have a 3d tv so can’t comment on that, but it is a great player. It connects to the internet, you can watch on demand, great quality dvd and blu-ray playback, you can watch your films from a data stick and much more that we haven’t even explored.

I bought this player because it had a wifi connection without a dongle. This has let us watch the bbc iplayer on tv. We had used the wii previously but the picture quality was very poor in comparison. This came with 3 months lovefilm subscription, which we’ve kept – again impressed by the picture quality. We don’t have a 3d tv so can’t comment on that. Would recommend this player.

Used a playstation 3 for the same job prior to the purchase of this unit. Anybody who has used a playstaion will be familliar with the format, it really is similar but has more content straight out of the box. I think the output, both blu ray and upscaling ordinary discs looks better than the playstaion?.Everything was easily set up and updated. Lots of links and players included stright out of the box. It does whirr and vibrate a bit in operation and initially this was a worry, but this all seems to quieten down when playing a disc. For this sort of money i think this player is unbeatable and the wi fi comes built in.

Unfortunate enough to get a duff one, seem gaps every single now and then on all videos. Picture is amazing but disappointed. Mid movie seem will disappear for a several seconds randomly. Know this is a fault with my player but also loud working sounds in history and clunky when loading. Any individual else suffering from this or am i just particular :-).

I was initially going to buy a samsung blu ray player but due to some challenges when buying i experienced one more search spherical and observed this model, happy i did now it is a good player and would make all my dvd’s glance so good. Set up took much less than 20 minutes, although experienced a handful of difficulties with connection to my new apple airport extraordinary router, wireless related alright but no online relationship, solved this quite swiftly by connecting to my primary wired network and updating the sony player, immediately after undertaking that it linked to the world wide web wirelessly devoid of any hitch. Upscaling is fantastic and makes all my discs look so significantly much better. Very first expertise of a blu ray disc was superior but you should not really see any stage so will be sticking to the more affordable regular dvd until the blu ray discs arrive down in price tag, or just getting the special block buster movies in blu ray. Apps are very good, viewing the photoshop person podcasts on my big monitor tv set would make a terrific deal of variance and catching up with tv set on bbc or 5 (no itv or 4od still) is excellent as i generally did that on my notebook, no comparison. This is properly value shopping for and when i opened the box i found sony have been supplying vat again, so even better.

Obtained this a pair of months prior to xmas and before long experienced it running dvds by using an hdmi link. Photograph and audio are definitely great by means of the hd upscaling to an hd monitor. I have not experimented with a blueray disc yet nor 3d so are not able to remark about these. On the other hand, when i arrived to hook up to my wireless community i experienced some complications moving into the community safety vital. Nowhere in the relatively restricted handbook does it inform you how to enter capitals and other exclusive people and it took me many hours of fruitless experimentation before i accidentally worked out the perform of the nameless minor button on the reduce ideal of the on-display screen keyboard. As soon as i had tumbled this it was all programs go. High-quality of the upscaled bbc iplayer is very superior and my only gripe is that the bravia internet web-site only lets connection to iplayer and demand from customers 5 but not the other channels. Ideally they will rectify this in the close to upcoming.

Bought and put in in minutes, registered with the many internet sites and all is doing the job high-quality, established up on wifi and connected to dnla server. Only down facet so far it only plays mpeg2 files and not mpeg4 data files, so having to remale moveis on mpeg2 to comply with the product. Good quality of the playback is fantasic, its silent and just is effective. Really satisfied with the item.

I imagined i necessary to fonally up grade my dvd player to a blueray. The price tag i paid out was superior thinking about it had everything i preferred and a lot more on it. I particularly required one with constructed in wifi and a usb generate. This will come with both equally and even has 3d capacity for the foreseeable future if required. It loads discs swiftly and the wifi speed is very good with quick straightforward obtain to bbc iplayer and 5 on need. I have not experienced any difficulties with and peculiar whirring sounds like some reviews. It is effective nicely with my sony television, switching my television set on when i change the player on. You can quick ahead by 10 or 15 seconds if you want to which is an fascinating touch. I have not utilized the usb still so i will update my evaluation after this has been experimented with out.

No, not multi-location (regrettably), but outstanding price for money all the exact, with fantastic blu-ray photographs and and even far better dvd up-scaling. A massive improvement on my previous 400 pound denon dvd player. Connect it to your amplifier with a digital-optical cable, and a tiny digital-analogue converter if essential, and it appears just fantastic:tci coral – 3mcyp au-d3 digital to analogue converter (dac) with cost-free fisual install 5 star rated optical cablea serious deal – certainly delighted i acquired it.

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