Sony BRAVIA KD55XF8096 55 Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV : External AC adapter is very large

Unlike my samsung tvs this sony comes with an external ac adapter. It is extremely large and bulky which makes for additional headaches when organising the tv and cabling, especially when wall mounting.

Ok, so i own this tv less then a week but its obvious this is a top notch set. Fantastic picture in hd, never mind uhd. Ive seen bits of uhd content and it looks great. There are a lot of adjustments you can make to the picture to get it just right for you. I’m still tweaking away after a week. I cant really find anything to fault it apart from the power supply brick. No issue for me as i have the tv on a table top, but i can see that it could be a problem if you are wall mounting it. I have this paired with skyq and use a panasonic sound bar giving great audio. As this is a new model prices havent much negotiating room.

The built quality of this tv is good, although there are times that i wonder if the picture resolution is as good as it is claimed to be. In addition the sound quality is barely adequate and adding the sound bar makes it marginally better. To give you an example i get a better sound from my iphone or macbook pro that are no comparison to this tv in sizethis tv is let down big time by the android operating system that is best described as chaotic making the navigation a nightmare with parts of programme feeling like a dead trap, hard to navigate and at times and hard to find a way out. There are 3 buttons on tv’s remote that supposed to get you back: “exit”, “back” and “tv” but in parts none could get you back out. The manual is over 300 pages but in 19 languages so all you get is 16 pages in english that deals with the basics and nothing about the whole operation. To learn or resolve the issues with the os / programme management you need to do online and ask your questions and good luck to you finding the answersmy biggest disappointments are in the following areas:- ) bluetooth the bluetooth on this tv is not a2dp compliant. I was unable to pair my bose headphone with the tv. This was confirmed by sony technician saying “it’s not designed to be used for audio” yet sony website lists sony headphone as compatible headphones. I know sony doing badly with their headphones but this is pushing it too far- ) tv channels broadcast / viewing: this tv has both youview and freeview. Youview is the default programme, it has a clean interface / listing and you can watch programmes up to a week old, provided you’re connected to the internet.

It’s a shame i will never be able to afford this but it certainly rings all bells with design and specs come on the lottery numbers fingers crossed.

  • Exceptional TV – A must buy
  • Best tv ever probably
  • So pleased with this television. Would recommend.

Sony BRAVIA KD55XF8096 55 Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with Voice Remote/YouView and Freeview HD, Black, 2018 + Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player, Black

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  • 4K HDR – Immerse yourself in the brilliance of 4K HDR – Incredible contrast, real-life colours and exceptional 4K detail
  • 4K X-Reality PRO – Every detail re-imagined – Every scene is analysed and improved thanks to an image database that addresses contrast, colour and detail, for a beautifully enhanced picture
  • Ultimate 4K HDR viewing experience with HDR10 and Dolby Vision* support for ground-breaking detail, colour and brightness.
  • Broad range of video and music content support, including Dolby Atmos and DTS: X soundtracks, DSD, FLAC, MP3

We love this television from sony. It came well packaged and was easily attached to the floor stand. The electrical flex is about 2 metres long so adequate for most people. We eventually decided to attach it to the wall and purchased a wall bracket which was all fairly easy to do. You can connect it to the internet via wifi and copy your google account onto the tv. This process took ages, if fact after an hour the screen still said copying google account and data and i got fed up with waiting for it and pressed back and it had in fact copied everything across,so why it said it was still copying i’ve no idea. It found services and channels fairly quickly and talks you through every step on screen which is just as well as there really isn’t a good instruction book with it although you can get all the instructions and anything else you might want to know online on the sony website. It was a really good clear picture and the sound is great, we only have it on volume 12 which is plenty loud enough without a sound bar. , although you can connect one if you wish. You can marry your phone or tablet to the tv so that you can continue watch youtube etc on the tv instead of the phone.

This is a fabulous android television, it has been given pride of place on our wall. It is a slim design television so works well on the wall, using standard brackets but would look just as stunning supported on a stand. The colour is exceptional, vivid and just pops off the screen. It is easy to set up and go straight away. This is an android television so you can access loads of programs and apps from amazon movies and prime to netflix and more. It has voice features to help find your favourite apps or programs and connects to your android phone. A brilliant television packed full of features and well worth every penny.

I didn’t think i would, as i never thought i’d own such a large screen. We’ve always been a bit sniffy about people with big screen tvs, but i’m a convert. We even had to rearrange the furniture to accommodate it, but it was worth all the effort. It’s just so coolokay, so why is it so cool?. Well, for a start it was so simple to set up. Tvs are never easy to set up, but this one was pretty simple straight out of the box and it comes with a handy link to netflix on the controller. Admittedly if you don’t have, or want netflix, this could be a pain, but we do and it’s just so useful. Not only that, but you can search for programmes etc via a very accurate voice command button on the controller, so if you can’t be bothered to go through the process of doing a controller search, then just hold the mic button in and ask the tv to search for you, easy.Also the screen definition and appearance is sumptuous.

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Sony BRAVIA KD55XF8096 55 Inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD TV with Voice Remote/YouView and Freeview HD, Black, 2018 + Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Player, Black
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