Sony RDRHXD1070B 500GB Hard Disc Drive DVD Recorder With Freeview, Nice machine, pity about some details

An terrific hdd/dvd unit, only the lack of a next digital tuner stops it being fantastic. It has genuine plug & enjoy capacity, recordings are uncomplicated with selection to hdd or dvd. Transfers are easy, and the good quality of the automobile chaptering is fantastic generating it truly uncomplicated to edit out the adverts in advance of saving things to dvd. The hdd is enormous having a pair of hundred several hours of recording and really superior high quality. I won’t be able to praise its abilities adequate. The only adverse in my view is laughingly compact, the epg is imperfect, and thirty% of the screen is taken up with adverts?. Sony be sure to type out a environment to supress thisas for the other very poor evaluations right here, if you want a electronic juke box i recommend that is what you invest in.

Total a really nice machine, even so it does have a quantity of downsides. As has already been pointed out the variation in price tag for the larger sized hard disk is unfairly inflated, but many companies/suppliers regrettably pull this stunt. The lack of ability to copy flicks to the hard disk is a quite irritating and unnecessary design and style final decision, but lets hope with the gradual demise of drm that long term models may well reconsider this operation. The usb backlink is extremely slow and copying audio and shots can take an eternity, a inadequate design/charge saving final decision. The device happily copied a full load of jpg information but for some cause was not able to examine/screen rather a number of, even though these surface to be some of the extra compressed visuals. The photo album facility is very primitive, and when it will get to the finish of one album it just goes onto the following. In a very similar vein the songs jukebox is also very limited, supplying quite little features. In these days of mp3 products and a multitude of personal computer based tunes playing software you would hope somewhat extra performance. For illustration no shuffle/random keep track of capability.

Key specs for Sony RDRHXD1070B 500GB Hard Disc Drive DVD Recorder With Freeview:

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  • Up to 14 hours of recording onto hard disc drive an this 500GB hard disc drive
  • Recording formats, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW,DVD+/-R double layer (8.5GB disc)
  • Playback formats, DVD+R/+RW, -R/-RW, DVD+R double layer, DVD-RAM, MP3, JPEG & DivX
  • Integrated freeview digital & analogue tuner
  • HDMI output with 1080p upscaling
  • Pause live TV
  • Series recording and Intelligent chaptering
  • Automatic programme title labelling
  • Photomovie, Music jukebox and BRAVIA theatre Sync

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“Nice machine, pity about some details”

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Sony RDRHXD1070B 500GB Hard Disc Drive DVD Recorder With Freeview
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